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Marketing & Communications

With a marketing and communications career spanning 10 years, I am privileged to have worked on a number of varied projects and initiatives over the years. The examples below provide a recent snapshot of the types of projects I do in my current role, where I formulate strategy and tactics, manage multiple assignments at once, and strive to leverage marketing technology capabilities.

If you are interested in seeing samples for a line of work not represented below, please don't hesitate to get in touch.


ITE Annual Meeting

Marketing Strategy | Social Media Content | Landing Page Design | Video Creation

The Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) International Annual Meeting is a key opportunity for Gannett Fleming's transportation business line leaders to present and exhibit innovative ideas and technology.

Key Campaign Results

  • Pre-promotion LinkedIn post received 96 engagements and 7,953 impressions (organic and paid).

  • Custom landing page received 155 visits and 10 signups.

  • Post-promotion social media posts received 1,705 video views, 178 engagements, and 8,600 impressions.

  • ITE's corporate social media channels shared Gannett Fleming's post-conference posts.

Marketing Strategy

I coordinated with our transportation marketing team to develop a digital strategy that would drive attendance to both the Gannett Fleming booth and panel discussion. Without an attendee email list at our disposal, I recommended a combination of organic and paid social media opportunities as well as utilizing a MailChimp landing page to capture event registrations and potential leads.


Social Media Content

Personal Post - I wrote content and developed a graphic for Gannett Fleming's panel moderator to share with his extensive LinkedIn and Twitter followings. Many of his connections attend ITE events and would be interested in visiting the booth and seeing his panel discussion. Additional Gannett Fleming conference attendees also shared his post with their own social media networks, creating an even wider connection net.


Corporate Post (Organic and Paid) - I developed a corporate LinkedIn post to promote our industry experts as well as the unique contest and virtual reality experience at the booth. I also received approval to sponsor the post and targeted key ITE groups that contained the highest probability of event attendees.

MailChimp Landing Page

I designed a custom MailChimp landing page as a link in our corporate LinkedIn post. This landing page provided information on the LEGO® Smart Cities Challenge and a signup form. The contest created a fun, engaging opportunity for attendees to meet our experts, but it also helped to capture potential leads.

View the landing page.

Note: the signup form has been removed.


Social Media Content

I followed a "show, don't tell" approach in order to show thought leadership from the panel discussion post-conference. I created a video that showcased photos and highlighted key points from the discussion, which was posted to Gannett Fleming's LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook channels.


Gannett Fleming Receives Triple Honors at 2019 ASDSO Awards

Public Relations | Internal Communications | Social Media Content

The Association of State Dam Safety Officials (ASDSO) recognized Gannett Fleming with three honors during their annual awards ceremony.

Key Campaign Results

  • Social media posts received 128 engagements and 5,483 impressions.

  • Press release was picked up by a leading industry outlet.

Public Relations

Once we received notification of the firm's ASDSO award wins, I contacted the project managers and award recipients in order to prepare the press release and accompanying newsroom story to post in a timely fashion after the awards luncheon. Given the number of stakeholders involved in the editing and reviews process, launching this release on schedule was a great accomplishment. In addition, Informed Infrastructure, a key industry publication, picked up the release.

Click here to read the article on Gannett Fleming's website.

Click here or the accompanying image to read the article on Informed Infrastructure.

Social Media Content


I wrote and designed the LinkedIn and Twitter posts to promote the award wins on Gannett Fleming's corporate channels.

Internal Communications


I revised the press release for posting on Gannett Fleming's internal news network, GNN.